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The next Upholstery Taster Weekend is 4/5 June 2016. It is two day introduction to traditional upholstery, its techniques, materials and history, and the project for the weekend is a drop in seat. Use ours or bring your own. Book here. 

We are doing a rushing and caning weekend June 11/12. There's more information on the Bookings pages, or get in touch if you are not sure about a project or you want to know more. Email

The next Studio Saturday at The School of Stuff  is 9 July 2016. A one day session where you can bring pretty much anything furniture-wise and spend the day doing whatever you want with it. Upholster it, restore it, strip it, paint it, reconfigure it or turn it into firewood - whatever you like. Come and use our equipment, materials and, of course, expertise. Book here.

The summer five day intensive sessions are now up on the site and bookable. We're running Modern Upholstery, Traditional Upholstery, Furniture Restoration, Woodworking for Beginners and Project Upholstery. More details and booking here.

We also offer longer courses, for career changers, in Traditional Upholstery (2 years), Modern Upholstery (1 year) and Furniture Restoration (1 year). The next intake will be October 2016. Contact us for course details

You can buy courses as gifts and we offer School of Stuff gift vouchers. Have a look here. We have also got upholstery toolkits, a starter's one and a professional one which you can buy online here, and you can buy individual tools from us as well. Email for a price list.


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The School of Stuff teaches a range of crafts – some furniture-related, others simply crafty.  All demand skill and creativity - which we know you have!    We run year long, one day a week courses for career changers, five day intensive courses, twelve week evening classes and one-off days and weekends.   We are adding classes all the time, but here is our current list.